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Julia Molloy offers new Interior Design Business Services


If you are a Principal Designer or Operational Lead for an interior design firm and you are ready to improve efficiency, streamline workflow, tighten up your team and processes, or you are poised to refine your brand and craft a client experience that is truly exceptional, our services are a great fit for you.

I specialize in the business of Interior Design and work exclusively with sole-proprietors, boutique firms, large firms and firms with more complex models, like GC, architecture or showroom components to the business.

I assess your needs and advise you on the ‘most strategic next step’ for the development of your firm, whether it is the VIP Membership, the Business Blueprint, a custom package or simply an hour of one-on-one.

If you are serious about taking your firm to the next level and are not quite sure which program is best for you at this point in your growth curve or need more information, simply fill out the inquiry form and I’ll be in touch with you. We will have a short conversation and I’ll help you plot out a path for growth, whether that is working with me or referring you to someone who can best address your needs. I will always be honest and straight forward with you and I stand behind my word and my work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Receive ongoing guidance and support from Julia Molloy as well as business documents and training as you need it. The fastest and most cost-effective way to get started.


The quickest and most effective way to get your office well-structured and running beautifully, this program provides the most comprehensive package of operational procedures, operations manuals, training videos, documents and unlimited ongoing support in the industry.


Join Julia Molloy as she hosts small groups in business critical trainings and consultations via video conferencing. These no fluff events are packed with value and will have a huge impact on your growth track.


For when you really need a personal strategy or business development session with Julia. Come to our office in Portland for 1 or 2 days and do a deep-dive intensive into your specific situation and power through whatever is holding you back.


For when you need your whole team and office to be assessed and trained in person. 1 to 3 day intensives are perfect for getting your whole team in sync, trained and the kinks in your workflow smoothed out.


Does your office need a complete overhaul? When you’re ready to get your hands dirty, organize EVERYTHING, set up your office optimally, align roles, workflow, procedures and all office systems. Very intense and extremely effective. 5 days transforms your entire business.


Julia provides hourly consultation on a case by case basis. Train your team, work through strategy, marketing, operational challenges as needed. It’s amazing what we can power through in one hour!

The most effective way to refine your branding and client experience. Very personal, each program is unique and results in exactly what you need to move your brand and your business forward authentically and powerfully, whether it is a new logo, a marketing plan or refining all points of contact with your clients.

Team Structure Bootcamp
Is your firm growing? You know you need to hire more help, but you want to make sure you are using your existing team optimally and adding roles strategically. This BOOTCAMP not only includes a 3 hour live training with Industry Business Expert, Julia Molloy, it provides you with ALL of the documents you need to build your ideal team. Get the clarity you need to structure your team with confidence and attract star talent! LEARN MORE

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