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Organizing New Projects Set-Up Module



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    Site Survey Checklist

    Use this checklist to keep track of your design process. Great for organizing your processes, delegating to your team and creating standard operating procedures and standardization to your firm’s design process and workflow. Customize as needed per project or per your firm’s standard scope of work and it’s ready to go. Enjoy!
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    Design Process Checklist

    Use this checklist to help organize and track your design process. Especially helpful as a list of to do’s for the Jr. Designer to follow or to help you keep track of what has been completed so far for each project or room. This checklist is a Word Document. Refine as needed to reflect your design process and customize for each scope of work in your office.
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    Project Scheduling Worksheet

    Are you in need of a tool that helps you to plan out the dates and milestones for your new project? This easy to use Excel document lays out the milestones and key tasks associated with those milestones for a typical interior design project (without construction). Simply modify those milestones and tasks for each new project and then plot out and enter the target milestone completion dates. This tool is helpful in mapping out the timelines and phases of your projects so you can plan appropriately and get dates entered into your calendar tool.

    This document is well paired with the MASTER ACTIVE PROJECTS TIMELINE found in this category. Use the Project Scheduling Worksheet to determine your milestones and then plot your new project on the Master Active Projects Timeline so you can see it visually in relation to your existing projects over the course of time. This process is a simple, low-tech and easy to administer alternative to using MS Project, Basecamp, Wrike or other more involved project management tools.

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    Master Active Projects Timeline

    Do you want a quick and easy way to visually track your active projects without the complexity of using Microsoft Project or other tools? This simple excel spreadsheet does a great job of helping you to track your active projects over time. It is helpful to see your workload over time and this chart will help you to schedule upcoming projects and enter manage your interior design business workload.

    Just add your logo and your projects. Use different colors to indicate the phases and plot them out over the coming months and years. This is a very quick and easy way to better manage your firm’s time and resources.

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    New Client Checklist for Studio Webware Users

    What do you do when you get a new project? Does everyone on your team know their responsibilities in setting up the project or is it a flurry of delegation and back and forth? Streamline this set up process. This document is the cornerstone of the recommended processes I train you on. Front loading your projects and setting up your project template takes some time in the beginning, but saves you a ton of time, energy and payroll dollars as you execute on the project.

    This simple Word document is a checklist of all the tasks required to set up your new design projects and the roles that are responsible for them. Even if it is just you, keeping track of your action items is especially critical and as you grow, the processes are already in motion.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have everyone instantly in sync when a new project comes in? It is very possible and it is a wonderful thing!

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    Master Schedule

    Are you developing Excel spreadsheets for your FF&E schedules? Don’t reinvent the wheel. It’s already done. This well developed Excel document has a worksheet for every aspect of a comprehensive design project with everything from furnishings to plumbing, finishes and materials. Simply add your logo and start populating with you project’s specifications.

    Simple, easy and already done! Enjoy!




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