Office Manager Bootcamp Video # 2 – Julia Molloy

Office Manager Bootcamp Video # 2


In this two part intensive, we focus on the key areas of the role that are most often done incorrectly or inefficiently. I provide hands on, real world training, in context to the entire firm’s functioning and give them a straight forward guideline for managing your business effectively.

Give them the tools and training they need to refine their processes and support your office most effectively.

Your takeaways include the video recordings of the training sessions, a dedicated Office Manager handbook full of procedures and job details that will help your core team member excel.


Our first day we are going to address accounting and money and the second day, having covered some of the detail that I know is top of mind for many of you, we will step back and look at the role as a whole and cover key admin and expediting functions.

Training agenda and Table of contents

  • Office Manager / Expeditor Role
  • Administrative Staff Morning Routine
  • New Client Checklist
  • New Client Set-Up
  • Entering a New Contact
  • Time Billing Set-up
  • Answering Phones
  • Office Rhythm
  • Team Sync Meeting
  • Master Task List
  • Client Services
  • Purchasing Process Flow Chart
  • Expediting Information
  • Project Expediting Report
  • Organizing PO’s
  • Vendor Follow-up and PO Updates
  • Installations
  • Installation Report



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