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Getting Started On Studio Webware Module



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    Setting up your Defaults in Studio Webware

    Are you getting started with Studio Webware? If so, this video will help you a ton! The default settings in the Company Files tab can be a bit overwhelming especially when you’re not sure what everything is or what each setting effects. Join me as I walk a real client through the process of setting up her defaults and explain what each setting does.

    Even if you’ve been using SW for a while, you’ll likely get some new insight and be able to refine your settings and get the system more tailored to you business. Studio Webware is incredibly powerful, especially when it is set up with the nuances of your business and your preferences in mind.

    If you would like one-on-one help, just give us a call or email me and we can schedule a time to work with you or refer you to other experts and bookkeepers who can provide ongoing accounting services.

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    Using Addresses in Studio Webware

    Are you learning to use Studio Webware or training a new team member? Join me as I train a real client on using Studio Webware for the first time. I make the process very easy to understand and using SW way less intimidating. It is so easy when you see it in a real working context and learn from someone who speaks ‘designer’. Plus I include extra tips I have learned over the years so you really get real world guidance.

    This video can be added to your training and orientation materials for new employees, reducing ramp up time and mistakes. Watch it side by side your own SW and use it as your own personal training program and keep it on hand for when you forget something. If you’re a new user, you will definitely get a ton of value from this video. Enjoy!

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    Introduction to Studio Webware Video

    As the operations specialist for the interior design industry, it is my role to assess tools and methods and advise all of you on what works, what doesn’t and why. I also see it as my responsibility to establish best practices for our rather ‘young’ industry. Over the last decade or so, I’ve been working in this field and have seen just about every permutation of design firm out there, large and small, and the various systems therein. There are very few conditions in which I would advise someone NOT to switch to Studio Webware. Everyone else would benefit greatly from taking the leap.

    In this video I walk you through how it works in the ‘real’ world and what it can do for your interior design business operations.

    Of course it handles all of the accounting extremely well, but what it does that other tools do not do is help you to streamline your design and procurement process. This is huge because what I’ve discovered over the years is that the purchasing and tracking process is exactly where you all lose money!

    For this reason, many people choose to switch from Quickbooks, Design Manager or other accounting platforms to Studio Webware. I fully applaud this as I have seen that Studio Webware, if used well, is a major strategic advantage for interior design firms. If you’re not familiar with Studio Webware, join me as I introduce you to the best tool for running an interior design business.

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    Using Studio Webware Inventory and Products

    Are you using Studio Webware and ever wondered what the little INVENTORY and MY PRODUCTS buttons are all about?

    This introduction to the inventory and products features of Studio Webware describes what these modules do and gives you a cursory walk-through of how to use them.

    This Word document can be added to your operations manual or given to team members to help them utilize these features. This document will not serve as an in depth procedure with screen-shots and all, but as an initial guide to using the inventory and products features in Studio Webware, it is a great start.

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    Studio Webware Activities Default List

    In the process of setting up Studio Webware for your office, you will need to determine your ACTIVITIES.

    Activities are extremely important and setting them up optimally for your office can be a challenge. Activities are essentially categories for your firm’s time. These categories or ACTIVITIES effect several things in the design process including how your team’s time and payroll spent is broken down in reports, how you charge clients in your time billing invoices, how tasks and reminders are viewed as well as a host of reports that help you determine how much time is being spent on each project or per pay period and how much your are paying and making in each category.

    Are you losing money on sourcing? After payroll, how much did you actually profit on client design meetings? These are just a couple examples of the types of questions you will be able to answer once you are using the activities properly in Studio Webware. This document is a list of standard activities we have found useful in most design firms. You very well may want to modify this to meet your specific needs, but this is a very good place to start.

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    1099 Reports in Studio Webware Procedure


    Creating your annual 1099 reports using Studio Webware is quick and easy. We recommend that the Office Manager be the one responsible for this procedure each year and whoever is adding the vendor into Studio Webware, be responsible for making the vendor ‘1099 YES’ in the CODES tab in Studio Webware. Add this straight-forward and simple procedure to your operations manual for your firm.
    Set up sales codes in studio webware – no description

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    Understanding Sales Codes and Chart of Accounts in Studio Webware

    Are you unclear about sales codes and how to set them up properly in Studio Webware? This is one area that can really be confusing to non-accounting oriented designers, which is most of you! Don’t worry. It’s easy to understand and modify once you watch this video. Join me as I walk a real client through setting up sales codes for her firm. We go through what they are, what they effect and the steps to modifying them.

    I even walk through the process of changing your chart of accounts so they are in sync with your sales codes. Not very sure what your chart of accounts even is? Neither was my client! It’s very easy and I will show you step by step, in a very ‘designer brain’ kind of way, exactly what to do and when to do it.

    You can watch this video along side your own SW and go step by step or have your bookkeeper watch it. Take the mystery out of this essential part of Studio Webware. It’s actually very important that you understand this aspect of the program, as it is crucial to getting the kind of accounting reports you want out of the system.

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    Using QuickBooks and Studio Webware at the Same Time

    Not using Studio Webware and not sure if it really is a good solution for your firm? Perhaps you can’t quit Quickbooks because your business includes other divisions that requires it. Maybe you just can’t bear messing with your accounting right now. Don’t worry. You don’t have to sacrifice the benefits of Studio Webware just to keep your accounting stable. How?

    This is a common situation I come across quite often. Even for large, complex firms, a two-staged transition is much less disruptive and can be a better approach. Whatever your situation, I have developed an elegant solution to this challenge.

    This document explains how you can run Quickbooks almost exactly as you have been and simply add Studio Webware as your project management system. It is a wonderful way to have the best of both worlds!

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    Using Items in Studio Webware

    Are you a new Studio Webware user and trying to get a handle on how to use it for your interior design business? This video will definitely help. Once you have your defaults and your sales codes set up and have got your Addresses entered, you are ready for this video. If you still need help with those, go to the OFFICE LOGISTICS and ACCOUNTING categories. There are videos there to guide you through those aspects of getting started. You will then be ready to start using SW to enter in items and create Proposals / Estimates, Purchase Orders and Invoices!

    Join me as I walk a real client through the process of entering in her first items and creating her first proposal. I will show you step by step what to do, as well as share my recommendations and methods I have developed over the last decade.

    Use this video as part of your new employee orientation and training program to reduce ramp-up time and mistakes. Watch it side by side your own SW for your own personal training program. If you are a new Studio Webware user or still trying to get the hang of it, this video is going to be very helpful for you! It really is easy and very intuitive once you watch these videos. Enjoy!

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    Viewing Expediting information

    This Word document explains how to view the expediting information in Studio Webware. Crucial to utilizing Studio Webware to its fullest and truly tapping into it’s power of project management! If you are not doing this, you are not using Studio Webware well.

    Use as your guide and add to your operations manual as well as your Expeditor’s procedures handbook. Simple, easy and already done!

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    Updating Tracking Information in Studio Webware

    Critical to using Studio Webware for project management, this procedure is imperative! Are you using Studio Webware to it’s capacity? Using the tracking information in the CODES tab in each item or on each PO is to be done with each item ordered.

    This document serves as a procedure for your Expeditor or team member doing your purchasing coordination. Add this Word document to your operations manual and your Expeditor Handbook. Quick, easy and already done!


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