Day 4 - GET ORGANIZED! Interior design firm CEO task list - 20 Day Interior Design Busi

Day 4 – GET ORGANIZED! Principal Designer Role – 20 Day Interior Design Business Program

Day 4 – GET ORGANIZED! Principal Designer Role – 20 Day Interior Design Business Program

Hi Everyone!

How are you all doing?  Well, we had one crazy week last week, with the acquisition of IVY by Houzz! I conducted  a webinar about it for all of you. If you didn’t see it, here is the link.

So, we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming! Are you ready to get back to setting up your office for optimal organization?  I sure am!


So, let’s dive back in and address your role as CEO / Principal Interior Designer. How much do you really know about your role, beyond your client and project work?  Most Principal Designers don’t look too far beyond their day to day and monthly financials/sales tax, but there is so much more.

Julia Molloy, Interior Design Business Coach, Business of Design

The Principal Interior Design Role or CEO role of the small to boutique sized interior design firm often gets overlooked. How much have you focused on your role? How many items on this Task List do you actually do?

Along with running your projects, you have many other items on your list to address. This is why it is imperative to have a strong support structure beneath us so that we actually have the time to lead our firm effectively. Enjoy this worksheet that helps you define your role and carve out the time to actually do your job as CEO.


Principal Designer Role, Interior Design Business Coach, Julia MolloyDOWNLOAD THIS DOCUMENT HERE

Watch this video to hear what I have to say about your role as Principal Interior Designer aka- CEO! ENJOY!

Look! I’m doing a karate chop! Chopping through those sloppy, unorganized offices!! LOL!


Be sure to take advantage of the complimentary CEO Tasklist Worksheet I provide you in my Shop Here.

See you tomorrow!

Until next time, Be BOLD!

Julia Molloy


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