QuickBooks vs. Studio Webware for Your Interior Design Business Software – Julia Molloy

QuickBooks vs. Studio Webware for Your Interior Design Business Software

QuickBooks vs. Studio Webware for Your Interior Design Business Software

Well, Actually….QuickBooks and Studio Webware can make a great team!

Are you considering using Studio Webware for your interior design firm, but are reluctant to switch from QuickBooks?

I hear this story often; you have a bookkeeper in place that is working well, have your taxes figured out, you’re comfortable with QuickBooks and this is the one part of your business that is working well and you just don’t want to mess with it!

I completely understand. And the good news is you actually don’t have to switch.

Studio Webware and Quickbooks for interior design accounting

There are a couple of reasons that I recommend firms keep QuickBooks and simply add Studio Webware.

  •  You have a very complex business model; showroom, General Contractor, staging, online store or other businesses that you track with QuickBooks as well.  Often you don’t have the option of getting rid of QuickBooks altogether anyway because of the many functions it has in your business(s).
  • You simply do not want to shuffle up your accounting practices.

So what is the benefit of using Studio Webware if you are still keeping QuickBooks, you may ask.  I’ve discovered over the years, that they actually complement each other quite well!  When there is reason to keep QuickBooks, Studio Webware acts as layer of project management on top of the bookkeeping functionality.  QuickBooks is great for transactions and not so good with process.  So we use QuickBooks to its strengths and use it to make payments and track receipts as usual.  You’ll use Studio Webware to create the actual proposals, Spec sheets, PO’s and Invoices.

All you’ll need to do in Studio Webware is simply log in the check number, date and amount. It is a duplication in your process, but it is so quick and easy it is hardly a consideration.  What you get in return, when you use our methods in Studio Webware, is the ability to track your projects, expediting and pull up amazing reports that will give you a level of control and peace of mind you have never had before!

Your interior design firm does not need to be held captive by your accounting software!

My advice, use Studio Webware and keep QuickBooks if you need to. Eliminate QuickBooks if and when you are ready, preferably at year end, if you so choose. Either way, you win.

If you have any questions on how to best integrate these two systems, we are happy to help!

Expecting Great Things-

Julia A. Molloy



We are thinking of doing this. We would love more info. on the best way to integrate these two systems! Do you have any insight for us?

Thank you,


    Give me a call at the office and I can walk you through. It’s pretty easy. 503.535.8800


Which Quickbooks do you use? How many people are still using quickbooks at that point? Just the bookkkeeper?

    Yes, if you want to keep using QB, I like the online version, you can, and if so, layer Studio Designer or Design Manager over it as a design team project management tool. Then just the bookkeeper is using QB to cut checks, reconcile and pay taxes.

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