Interior Design Site Survey Checklist – Julia Molloy

Interior Design Site Survey Checklist

Interior Design Site Survey Checklist

Hi there,

Just a quick little thought. The other day, one of my clients was having a meltdown because her Jr. Designer did not measure the new counter top height while taking into account the new flooring.  It was an embarrassing and VERY expensive mistake. All because of a simple little measurement. (I also developed a 30 point measuring checklist to help with that!)  The multitude of critical details you have to manage is absolutely staggering! Over the years, I’ve seen so many problems come up because the initial site survey or intake info was incorrect or incomplete. Have you ever experienced this?

htr-image-interior-design-measurements-part-1-wall-painting-1795-11251So, I thought I’d pass on a little gift. This is a simple checklist that is used as a standard procedure when one of your designers goes on site to survey a new project site. I’m sure you’ll have a few nuances to add, but feel free to copy this into your own firm’s operations manual and if you don’t have one already, take a look at the Business Blueprint, because it will shave about 5 years off your growth curve and help you skyrocket.  And besides, summer is such a great time to get organized!

Julia Molloy Interior Design Business Blueprint





Julia Molloy

Interior Design Business Expert


I’ve been fortunate to have mentors who taught me solid methodologies for site surveys. It takes time and patience to be thorough. The payoff is huge, though, and seeing the value of documentation has made believers out of a couple coworkers. This checklist gets more into the interior details, so I’m saving it for those situations. Thank you!

    Great, Julie! A good checklist is worth its weight in gold! Glad you have a good one!! xo


Hello Ms Molloy,
I am teaching an ESL course for interior designers in a college in Quebec and I was browsing through the Internet for materials and came across your excellent Interior Design Survey Checklist dated May 24 2016. This checklist would be very useful for my students and I would like your permission to put it in a booklet that I am preparing for this course. I would create an oral activity to go with it. The booklet would be printed at our college for approximately 25 students.

Thank you in advance.

Susan Meier
ESL Teacher
CÉGEP Régional de Lanaudière à L’Assomption

    Hi Susan,

    So happy to hear this. Yes, please feel free to use the checklist as a teaching tool. Enjoy!
    Julia Molloy


Thanks for your Great info!

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