Where is Your WhiteSpace? – Julia Molloy

Where is Your WhiteSpace?

Where is Your WhiteSpace?

WhiteSpace? What is that?!  No, It’s not a beautiful white subway tile kitchen, (Maria Killam xo)  It’s somewhere in your life though. It’s a clean canvas. An open mental space to think and focus on the big picture.  For many this is a morning run, a workout, a walk, meditation, yoga, gardening and the list goes on.  It is all about getting quiet enough to hear your inner knowing speak to you. To listen and receive.  This, especially for Principal Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs, is particularly important to the well-being of our businesses.meditating pic

I read a great article the other day in Inc. Magazine about this very thing and some clear to do’s to help us carve it out in our own lives.  Here it is

Now, full disclosure, I am not that daily routine, meditating, yoga doing, morning running kind of person. I do like hikes and walks though and try to do a walk every day, but here in Oregon, it’s cold and wet much of the time and for this tropical animal, going out in the damp cold is not my idea of fun.  So this last fall I had an epiphany. I realized I needed a sauna! And you know what?  I really DID need a sauna!  As it turns out, it has become my time machine, my sanctuary, my… well, Whitespace.

Julia Molloy's personal sauna

It’s a ‘2 person’ (yeah, if you want to feel like a twin inside the womb!) Infrared personal sauna. It really fits one comfortably. I wanted to share it with you because it has been a life-saver for me and my business.  As a busy wife, mom and entrepreneur, until now, I really hadn’t found a place, time or routine for recharging my mind and spirit. I had been wanting one of these forever and last fall, (during a late night Pinterest excursion) I finally took the plunge and bought this on Wayfair for around $1,000 and put it in our garage. My husband and I assembled it easily and it’s been amazing.  I go in tired, brain buzzing, disconnected. I come out invigorated, clear, relaxed and centered.20160408_110552

For those of you with busy families buzzing around you during all waking hours, I highly recommend it. It is the only place in my life that I am completely alone and inaccessible. I tell my family I am going into my ‘time machine’ and they know I’ll be checked out for about an hour. What a gift!  Chromatherapy lighting, audio speakers that pump in my music from my phone. I’ve NEVER been able to meditate so deeply and easily before.

If you haven’t already found your Whitespace, consider an Infrared Sauna! Seriously…

Whatever form it takes, having Whitespace in your life somewhere is vital. It is your time to nurture your gift and help align your energy and thoughts with it. It helps you connect to your creativity and opens your perspective. As a creative, you need this more than most. And if you make your living by being creative, if you haven’t already, get your BOSS on and create your Whitespace.

So, where is your Whitespace?

Stay Amazing-






Julia – I try to workout several times a week – it is definitely a part of my “whitespace,” and I call it my “sweat therapy, but I’ve been DYING to buy an infrared sauna! I found a place locally, and planned to get a membership, but they closed (there MUST be an opportunity there somewhere! 😉 You’ve really sold me on getting one, now. I’d looked at higher-end models and didn’t think I could take the plunge on it, but Wayfair – HELLO! So glad you found the perfect place to energize.

    Thanks, Alison! Yes, go for it! It has made a huge impact on my well being and state of mind. Worth every penny and it is so beautiful. Definitely my ‘happy place’.
    Enjoy!!! xo

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