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Personality Test Meets Interior Design Firm

Personality Test Meets Interior Design Firm

Hi Everyone!

I can’t believe its been 2 weeks already! Well, since we last visited, I’ve had a great adventure traveling to Tampa to work with a few of you lovely clients out there! Had quite a few amazing nights out.  It was the perfect blend of Tampa cuisine and good friends.  Thanks for showing a girl the best of the city, Enrique Crespo!


So with the fun, also comes the long intense days of working with teams to bring all the parts into one beautiful, happy, creative, efficient flow of awesomeness. So cool!  I love what I do!! Every time I go through this process with a client,  I affirm an observation. During my trip I was reminded of a fascinating pattern that has come to view over the years. Do you want to know what I see when I do Personality Tests for design firms? I find it absolutely fascinating!

I’ve used Kolbe Strength Finder, Emotional IQ and Myers Briggs.   One of the interesting patterns I’ve seen is with the Meyers Briggs.Julia-molloy-discusses-meyers-briggs

Most designers I come across are ENTJs or ENTP.  Yes, there is the occasional Slight I, F and S, but the pattern is real.  My takeaway is this; Most designers have to be somewhat Extroverted with all the people they have to work and collaborate with constantly, otherwise they would be perpetually  exhausted by all the interaction.  I have several clients that are slightly Introverted and they tend to be more structurally, technically and architecturally inclined.

I’ve also observed most of you are N’s.  You are intuitive and you rely on that extra inner knowing for your navigation. This makes you tremendously gifted at interpreting your clients and their needs.  Interestingly, when I look at commercial design firms, that shifts a little more toward the S or Sensing.  A more empirical approach is more appreciated especially in the arena of large civic projects and such.

Furthermore,  I find the most well-balanced designers (in my humble opinion) tend to skew on the side of T for Thinking, or a slight F or Feeling.  Strong F’s  can work their passion to their advantage if they have developed good affect regulation (the ability to NOT smack people on the job site on a regular basis) and a stable emotional tone (if you could see your daily emotional curve drawn on a chart, it would NOT look like a scary roller coaster) and are able to amp up the allure of their bigger than life personality.

And most of you are J’s!  Which actually surprised me as you have to be so off the cuff and with the flow so much of the time. After all, you are in the business of herding cats on a daily basis!  But here’s the thing, most of you tend to be rather… opinionated, shall we say. 😉 You can look at a space and see how it could be better and as a J or Judgers, you find pleasure in significantly influencing the world around you. It’s how you express yourself. And that couldn’t be more true of a Designer.  There are a few of you Perceivers out there too. I find you all thrive in high-end residential and tend to have this amazing ‘easy’ energy about you that makes you so alluring.


And another amazing pattern I discovered is about the Office Manager / Expeditor role in your firm.  The best Admin to run your office is definitely an E! I’ve seen many firms hire a more Bookkeeper type. The only problem with that is that often they have a more introverted personality. This makes them less skilled at multi-tasking, they like to focus on one task at a time, they like repetition, are less likely to think on their feet in a fast paced office and tend to get overwhelmed easily.  They also tend to be, not always, but generally have less sophistication in their communication style, which makes them less than ideal in answering phones and interacting on the company’s behalf.  This is especially true for high-end firms.  This does make them, however very good at focusing and dealing with tiny repetitive details, which is what you want in a bookkeeper. The Admin role is so much more dynamic than that though.

I find all this so fascinating. I’m an ENFJ, by the way. I was an I or Introvert for a while when my son was younger. There are a few questions on the test about whether you’d prefer reading a book or going to a party. At the time, a day of nothing but long naps, reading and staying in bed all day sounded like perfection!! So, yeah, I scored as an Introvert, for sure! Anyway, he’s 7 now, things are finally getting easier and I am a slight Extrovert again.personalities

Another thing I just love is that we Intuitives find each other. Most of the time, the majority of the design teams I work with are nearly all N’s or Intuitives. It’s the way we connect with people and we all seem to find each other. So interesting!

Here are a couple of my favorite sites for doing a quick assessment.  To take your test go to:

And to learn about your profile, this site is great:

What are you?  I’m so curious.


Until next time, be well my friends!

julia Molloy interior design business consultant



I’m an ENFJ too. Glad to be in such good company!


Thank you for this amazing post. I have dreams of starting my own interior design firm and just hope that I have the personality to do it. I started my own blog and I’m trying to interact as much as possible and learn from people. I think it’s important to be knowledgeable of all personality types so that you can better work with people and clients. Everyone is different and you have to adapt to their personality and not take things too personally.

    Thanks, Jane! I’m sure you have the perfect personality for being a designer! The universe does not plant the seed of yearning in soil that cannot grow it. Follow your bliss for it will not lead you astray- Rumi

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