What I Love About Zaha Hadid – Julia Molloy

What I Love About Zaha Hadid

What I Love About Zaha Hadid

I was in Tampa working with Clients when I heard the news of Zaha’s passing. Though I never met her in person, I felt the loss of her.  She represented greatness to me and I felt  we had lost a courageous woman sage of our time.

Julia Molloy discusses Zaha Hadid impactShe was more than an innovator. More than a great architect. More than an amazingly effective leader. She had the heart of a lion and the soul of an eagle. She powered through every obstacle, every male-dominated conference room and job site. She conquered every hurtle of nature and man made politics to see her visions come to life. Her work was feminine energy embodied; curvy, complex, integrated and inclusive of its environment. Her way of being reminded me of the power of a woman. She was a force. I loved her from afar.

What I found inspiring about Zaha as a creative and a business owner:

  1. She had no problem being a hard ass.


She didn’t derive her sense of value from her physical appearance.


She was super smart.


Her creations were original and ground-breaking.


She excelled in a largely male-dominated profession and pioneered new ground for women.


Her buildings were curvy and beautiful.


And last but not least… she designed… Shoes!


 Zaha will continue to inspire me and countless others for generations. I will do my best to continue to walk the path that she so beautiful carved out for us. Thank You, Zaha.

Enjoy your flight into the beyond.



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