Transforming Your GIFT into Power – Julia Molloy

Transforming Your GIFT into Power

Transforming Your GIFT into Power

Julia Molloy, business expert, interior design business coach, inspiring business quotes, entrepreneurishipHappy Monday! As we begin this week, I thought I would inspire us all to center ourselves in the big picture, stepping back from the grind and putting things in perspective. We can use this week to center ourselves and recharge and mover forward more intentionally.

I think it’s important to remember our power is not of us, it comes through us. For me, knowing this helps me to embrace my power without fear of having it come from ego. Knowing that my power is simply a tool to be used for the greater good emboldens me and inspires me to spread my wings.

Our thriving businesses are vehicles for spreading love and light.  Isn’t that a lovely thought!? It’s so true and I see it in each of you so clearly. You really do touch so many lives in what you do and the way you do it. You know it’s true.

And so it is – As we embrace our ‘GIFT’ and step into our power, we become an instrument of the angels…

Here’s a little affirmation for you. Hope you enjoy it!

“I will honor myself today. I will remember my connection to my divine purpose. I will anchor myself in my own inner knowing and I will navigate by it. I will not waver from what feels authentic for me.

My voice will be there when I need it. As each moment calls for it, the truest of words will flow through me with no resistance. I remember that I am more than this business, this life and this body. I am a spirit having a physical experience.

Today, my strength comes from remembering that my power is not of me, it comes through me. I trust myself to use this power with grace. I trust in my spirit’s unfolding and know that I am loved.”

Take a deep breath… and smile, my friend. Have a lovely week!

Passion, Purpose & Positive Expectation –

Julia Molloy

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