Welcome to the New Age from Julia Molloy – Julia Molloy

Welcome to the New Age from Julia Molloy

Welcome to the New Age from Julia Molloy

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to approach this year. This year feels different. It IS different. Heck, last November felt different. The economy picked up, the energies shifted.  Whatever the cause, I knew my approach to my life and my business had shifted along with it and I see it in many of you too. What is the shift?  I wanted to answer this question for myself before I reached out to you all again. It took me until March to develop a vocabulary around it that felt complete. And that brings me to my word.

I asked myself what was the essence of my new approach. What word encompasses the shift I sense all around me?  I have been so pleased to see that the words authenticity and resonate have caught on and are now included in conversation all around. Spoken by every day people that have little ethereal leaning. This is all a sign of our evolution as a community, as bosses, as business owners, as people, spouses and parents. But these do not accurately describe the shift. They are RESULTS OF the shift.

Julia Molloy addresses the new age of interior design

Do you feel the shift this year? It’s everywhere and it is good.

For me, the word that best expresses my new sense of focus is …. ALIGNMENT. And over the last few weeks, I have come to realize that it has been my word all along. That is what I do!  I help firms, more specifically, designers,  creatives, business owners and their teams to align with their flow, their authentic client, their team work, how they express themselves. Alignment is the key!

Alignment to what you may ask. Well, the answer is different for everyone and that’s what keeps things fresh for me. Regardless of the specific point of alignment, we all end up lining up our lives in a similar pattern. Alignment results in the same things for just about everyone; more time to spend enjoying the people who matter to us, more ease in our work, an increase in output with less effort, a sense of relief, a sense of fulfillment and something else pretty miraculous. More of the right clients show up at our door. More amazing opportunities and synchronicities occur regularly in an upward spiral. Not unlike a bird spiraling up and soaring in a thermal. Effortlessly and joyfully we lift up closer to our full expression. And then it gets really fun!

a-new-beginning for interior design business consultant Julia Molloy

Are you ready to play a bigger game?

A year ago, this would have sounded out of reach. We at Molloy Management Group were in the middle of some serious heavy lifting as a company. It was hard. Fulfilling in many ways, but difficult. Now, as we enter a new year, things have shifted and the ease is settling in as we become more aligned with…. Well, with ourselves.  Are you experiencing this too?

I think as a group, we are more aware of our true desires and becoming more cognizant that we REALLY CAN create the lifestyle we want through our businesses and when we become honest about what that is for us, our paradigm is a lot more simple than we thought it would be. I know it’s not just me. I hear your stories every day and there really has been a shift for so many of us.

What does this mean? We each have to answer that for ourselves, but for me, it means a more inclusive approach to my business. This means that I will share a bit more of my journey with you all. It means I will include my thought processes and perceptions more openly with you. Many of you who I talk with understand my little magic touch I bring into the conversation. I will no longer reserve that special nuance to personal work with clients alone, but will share it openly with you all.

julia Molloy discusses new age of interior design

What does your new paradigm look like?

As I align this year, you will begin to see shifts in my branding, our website, my head shot, my bio and the scope of Molloy Management Group. A little softer, more luxurious, more expansive, more, well, more authentic. It feels a little like coming out of the closet, but more like the blooming of a flower.

What does your alignment look like? As you more closely align your life and your business with your authentic desires and gifts, what will we see? An updated business niche, a new logo, new company name, new website, a different approach to how you run your projects? Bring it on! Be fearless. Strategic and fearless!

This is such an amazing time. I have never felt more inspired and jazzed about every day! I am ready for alignment. And I know you are too.

Welcome to the new age, my friends.

Let’s DO THIS!

julia molloy and bold summit

Come on! Let’s DO This!

Expecting Great Things,


Julia Molloy

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