Have you noticed its been a little quiet over here lately?  Well, its because I’ve been a busy gal!  I’ve been secretly developing something for you, that I think you are going to LOVE!  At least I hope so!

And now, (big sigh) the moment has finally come.  After almost a year in development, we are launching our groundbreaking membership for Principal Interior Designers!  This membership is an answer to all you interior designers out there that need help building your interior design business, but are not in a position to invest a lot of time or money… and you need help with IMPLEMENTATION, not just more good ideas!!

So many designers have come to us asking for help, but really aren’t able to purchase my services or the Business Blueprint program or they are so slammed, they can’t digest that much information all at once, even though they know they need it.

I want you to know;  I HEARD YOU!

Julia Molloy and Interior Design Business Client

I work with you hands-on every day and I know what you really need! and YES, I do listen to you!!!

So, here’s the deal, if you need more structure in your business and you need to ramp up your business now that things are picking up, this could be just what you are looking for.  Introducing… The MMG | VIP MEMBERSHIP!

How it will impact your firm:

~ Shave 20-40% off of the time required to complete a project

~ Streamline procurement process so your profit margin goes way up

~ Help you attract and keep the best talent for your growing firm

~ Provide you with clarity and discernment about your next steps

~ Facilitate your ability to provide a luxury level service and get more referrals

~Provide you with a friendly place to collaborate with other designers twice a month

~ More sanity, more professionalism, more polish


How it works:

~ Monthly online meetings with Julia Molloy and the other members to collaborate and get answers to your questions

~ Exclusive access to ready to use documents you need to build a well-functioning interior design firm

~ Training videos to help you understand and implement the best methods

~ Videos to help you and your team  set up and use Studio Webware

~ Focused and actionable guidance and tools on your Operational Foundation, Team Development, Strategy and Growth

Interior design business solutions - MMG | VIP by Julia Molloy

I share with you everything I have learned over the last decade of working with interior design firms around the world and provide you access to tons of training videos and documents you need.

To kick off this big launch, I am offering the first 200 members a lifetime rate of $75 per month instead of the regular $150. We have firms all over the world waiting for this launch, so 200 members is going to happen pretty quickly now, so don’t wait.

I am adding new content to the membership business materials every month and hosting two monthly meetings for all our members. Our first monthly meeting is the second Tuesday of September at 12:00 PST.  If you want a platform to collaborate, get answers and tools you need to build your business strategically, become an MMG | VIP Member and join me in two weeks!

So, come take a look at what I’ve built for you!  I think you’ll find it to be just what you need. I am quite confident the MMG | VIP can be that big game changer for you!

And as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email me.  Just let me know what you need-

Visit the site to get all the details at

….I’m so EXCITED!!!  WooHooo!

Expecting great things-

Julia Molloy | 503-208-2757 |




I work with designers, and I have to tell
them about this site. Awesome and informative for
interior designers. There should be more site’s with this quality
interior painting service ct

    Thanks so much, Peter! That is so nice to hear. Yes, please send them my way. I promise to take very good care of them for you. And, I do have a special affiliate program. Call me at 503-208-2757 or send me an email at and I can tell you more about it. Thanks again, Peter for visiting my blog and for sending me such a sweet note. – Julia

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